Kirkshaws Neighbourhood Centre
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Welcome to the Kirkshaws Neighbourhood Centre!


Please check in fro time to time to see what we are up to and what we have to offer.  There is always something going on at the KNHC so pop in and join some of our groups or activities.  Everyone is welcome. 

What's On!!!!

Program for 2013


9:30am-12pm    Tiny Tots Playgroup          Main Hall

1pm- 3pm           65+ IT Training              Room 3

4:30-6:30pm       Kids Club                      Main Hall & Café

6-9pm                AK Street Dance            St Timothys Primary School

6:30-7:30pm       Karate                         Main Hall

7-9pm              Brass Brand                    Room 15



9:30am-12pm    Tiny Tots Playgroup          Main Hall

9am-1:30pm       Community Café              Café

9am-2:30pm       Into Work Program           Room 15

10am-12pm        Lanarkshire Inquisitors       Room 3

1-4pm                   Adult Art Group           Main Hall

6:15-9:15              Karate                       Main Hall



9:30am-3pm       Tiny Tots Playgroup         Main Hall

9am-1:30pm       Community Café              Café

9am-2:30pm       Into Work Program           Room 15

10am-12pm        16+ Cooking program        Cookery Workshop

1-4pm                   Job Club                     Room 3

4:30-6:30pm       Kids Club                       Main Hall & Café

6-9pm            Kirkshaws Stage School       St Timothys Primary School

7pm-8pm            Keep Fit                        Main Hall

7pm-9pm            Kirkshaws T&R Ass          Room 3.

(last wed of the month)



9:30am-12pm    Tiny Tots Playgroup          Main Hall

9am-1:30pm       Community Café                   Café

9:30am-12pm    Into Work Program                  Room 14

11am-1pm          (Tracey’s) Group                   Room 15

1-4pm                   Routes to Work                Room 3

1-3pm                   Art Group                       Main Hall

4:30-7:30pm       Gymnastics                         Main Hall



9:30am-3pm       Tiny Tots Playgroup                         Main Hall

9am-1:30pm       Community Café                              Café

10am-12pm        Flexible Learning                              Room 14

1-3pm                 65+ Computing Class                      Room 3



11am-3pm          Gymnastics                                Main Hall. 



Opening Times – Monday – Friday – 9.00am – 1.30pm, Saturday 10am-12.30pm


Why don’t you drop in and have a look at our Menu ranging from Breakfast to Main Meals.



For more detailed information on all the above activities please telephone 01236 426200 or drop in for a visit.


The Kirkshaws Neighbourhood Centre is a locally based Voluntary Managed Organization which has an open door policy and all members of the community are welcome to access all services and activities.


*The Kirkshaws Tiny Tot Playgroup is registered with the Care Commission Scotland and is a member of North Lanarkshire Child Care Partnership.


Kirkshaws Neighbourhood Centre has Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, I.T. Training Room and Cookery Workshop Training Unit which are available for Rental/Hire for other partner organizations, please telephone 01236 426200 for cost and availability.



25 Haddington Way, Kirkshaws, ML5 5BF